Gershon Waiserfirer was born in Tajikistan (which was a part of the former U.S.S.R.), in 1972. His grandparents from his mother side fled the nazis from Poland and his grandparents from his father side fled Ukraine because of Stalin who wanted to send all jews that lived in the Soviet Union, to Birobidzhan in Siberia. Being a jew in Tajikistan during those times wasn’t easy and eventually even though it was still very difficult to leave the Soviet Union (1980 - the period of the iron curtain), his family decided to come to Israel. The move to Israel was a life-shaping experience for him.

Waiserfirer discovered his passion for music at the age of 11 when he started to study piano, trombone and euphonium and quickly became a soloist in the Tel-Aviv youth orchestra where he studied.

At the age of 21 Waiserfirer decided to take a break from music to study Theatre in “Beit Zvi”, one of the most prestigious theatre schools in Israel. After a few years of concentrating on theatre, he discovered the Oud, the ancient middle eastern string instrument which he never put down again.

Waiserfirer was a part of the electronic world music duo “No I.D” with the brilliant percussion player Noam Chen, with whom he released an album by that name. He was also a part of the uber interesting contemporary Jewish music and Yiddish songs “Trio Carpion“ with whom he recorded the album “At the black sea”.

Waiserfirer shared the stage with legends such as Bobby McFerrin, The Trumpet Master Avishai Cohen and The pianist Vyacheslav Ganelin. 

Due to his extraordinary musicality, Waiserfirer became a regular member in a variety of successful groups and cooperated with Israeli rock legends such as Shem Tov Levy, Berry Sakharoff and many others. Waiserfirer shared his musicality in numerous albums.

It was only when he was introduced by Alex Kremer - the wonderful Israeli painter - to the Russian free jazz legend Vyacheslav Ganelin, he realized where his true passion lies. It was this constitutive crossing with Ganelin that led Waiserfirer to understand and aproach music as a stream of consciousness which is always fresh and alive.

Music has no bounds, music is not just jazz or blues or rock or a manifestation of a tradition, or a certain style. Music can be a single note, a sound, or even no sound at all.

Waiserfirer received “musician of the year 2014” prize in Israeli Theatre and composed music for several award winning shows and films.