Our performance is based on mutual listening, a dialogue between sound and form, between music and structure, composition and movement.

The form or the shape is the result of movement and there can not be movement without time and therefor the shape and time together create rhythm.

The sound is also about time and continuity, and these four elements create an equation of movement=shape=rhythm=sound

which is the basis of our work.

Our performance is inspired, among other things, by free multi stylistic music, contemporary art and action painting, as it is also inspired by traditions from the Jewish culture (Kabbalah) as well as Taoism and Zen Buddhism.

Our mutual journey began when we realised we are dealing with the same concepts and same goals but in different artistic fields. Alex Kremer is a painter and Gershon Waiserfirer is a musician and composer searching in their work to create a synthesis of imaginary dimensions and existential presence.